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A portrait photograph of Johann Grillenbeck



aka Monĕsk

Composer, Artist and Human
navigating the digital age.

Just play me some music!

Featured Track: Spätsommersonne



A queer coming-of-age film about Jonas, struggling with how to label his relationships with Malte and Lea.

Screened at Mittelfränkisches Jugendfilmfestival and Werkstatt der jungen Filmszene (Wiesbaden).

Grillenbeck’s mix of delicate guitar and synth/vocal washes offers a positive aural environment from which the film’s story unfolds. It’s a lovely little score for dreamy sunny afternoons.

Alan Rogers - Reel Music

Behind the scenes:


About Johann

Johann Grillenbeck is a film music composer and electronic music producer from southern Germany. He holds a bachelor's degree in Media Management and a master's in Media Composition. His commercial music project Monĕsk has reached over 11.000 listeners worldwide on Spotify alone since its inception in 2020. In June of 2023 he was awarded the WDR Filmscore Award during SoundTrack_Cologne.

He recently completed the music for the short film "Spätsommersonne" by Quirin Thalhammer, which will be premiering at festivals in the upcoming months.

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